3 Tips For Young Graphic Designers

Calling all young, creative, graphic designers… Looking for tips & advice on how to master the skill!? Look no further! Here are 3 tips to help you conquer the skill of graphic design. 1. Creativity is Key You know that old saying, “Think outside the box?” Imagine there is no box! Graphic design is all

The Importance of Asking Questions

“Why?” “Because.” “But Whyyyy?” As kids, we all went through that “why” phase. “Why is the sky blue?” “But, why isn’t the sky green instead?” Yet, somehow, over the years we stopped asking questions. But, why? Asking questions is an important part of growing and learning. According to Innovation Management, questions are “the single most

3 Tips On Juggling College AND an Internship

As if college wasn’t hard enough… Now you have to balance school, social life, AND an internship!? Before you reach for your coffee just to comprehend the thought, Check Out These 3 Tips on Juggling the College-Internship Jamboree:   1. Prioritize   Simply stated, rarely achieved. You are busy! You want to do it all…

3 Tips All Young Graduates Need to Ace Their Resumes

So you are ready to apply to your dream job. This is it, this is the day when you will take that big step into the world: Your first ‘big-girl’ job. But, you feel your stomach drop as you read: “Attach Resume Here.”   You were hoping to avoid that part.   Don’t worry girl,

Top 5 Reasons YOU Need an Internship Before You Graduate College

Ah, college. College is already a crazy time of learning (i.e. jamming information into your head the night before that final exam) and growing. In a word, College is: HARD! Why on earth would you want to add an internship to your to-do list? Believe it or not, there are a couple of pretty compelling