What I Love About Marketing

Story Time: Once upon a time, I hated all things affiliated with marketing. Why? 1. I didn’t think that I could do it. 2. I didn’t understand what it was. But isn’t that how all things are? Until you try things out, you can’t really know whether or not you like them. That said, here

3 Tips on How to Dress Professionally for an Internship Interview

Are you a student who just got an internship interview and is panicking on what outfit will look professional enough to wear?! Look no further! Here are 3 tips and tricks to help you calm your nerves about impressing the boss with the right outfit choice. As a college student myself, I was very worried

3 Steps to Adjusting to Being in the Workforce

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Todo!” Entering the workforce can seem scary. Everything is new. It is a new culture that you have to become adapted to. Andeach organization has their own culture! Some businesses make it their job to promote creativity by creating an ultra-relaxedatmosphere. Some businesses have a more structured format

Our Partnership with Y.A.L.E. School and Someplace Special

Student Working Professionals is proud to partner with Y.A.L.E. School and Someplace Special!   Y.A.L.E. School believes that “every student deserves high quality, evidence-based instructional strategies designed to promote meaningful progress.” They are committed to teaching students who may struggle with a learning, emotional, or social disability inside and outside the classroom. That’s where we come in!

3 Things I have learned as an Intern

Are you wondering what it’s like to be an intern? Do you have thoughts of what interns actually learn through an internship? Here are 3 things I’ve learned while working as an intern, so you won’t have to ponder anymore! 1. New Skills The most important thing you can get out of an internship is