A Day In The Life Of An SWP Intern

Hi, my name is Shubhangi Tyagi and I am going to be a marketing student as at Drexel University this fall. My interests include researching new things, playing the piano, dancing and photography. As a wonderful opportunity to test out the profession, Student Working Professionals has helped me gain a hands-on experience in marketing. My

10 Ways to get Ready for Your First Internship

Are you ready for your very first internship? Do you think you are prepared? If not, don’t worry, I have the best tips for you so that you are more than prepared for your first day! Your boss will be so impressed that you may even get a promotion on the first day! Okay, well

7 Things to Bring With You on Your First Day

Don’t know what to bring with you on your first day at your internship? Need a list of things to bring with you? Don’t you worry, I have all the things you need in one blog! (Trust me on this one!) 1. Good Attitude! This is a new environment for you and it’s also a

9 Questions YOU Should Ask at an Interview

Alright, so yes, you are the one being interviewed. It’s still important for you to ask your potential employer questions though since that is one of the best ways to show your enthusiasm. Here are 9 different questions you can choose from if you are going on an interview. 1. What is a typical day

Fitting In at the Office as an Intern

You got the job! You are officially an intern. Tomorrow you start at your new workplace. But wait, you are working at an office. And you are still a student. How are you going to fit in?! Deep breath, here are our ten tips for fitting in inside an office. (Because we’ve been there, done