10 Ways to get Ready for Your First Internship

Are you ready for your very first internship? Do you think you are prepared? If not, don’t worry, I have the

best tips for you so that you are more than prepared for your first day! Your boss will be so impressed that you

may even get a promotion on the first day! Okay, well maybe not THAT extreme, but you get the idea!

1. Learn Your Industry

DO YOUR RESEARCH! You MUST read about your company! This is the number one thing that you

need to do before you start off at your internship. Find out about the company and the employees and

anything else you think is relevant to know about the company. Understanding the company’s mission

and office hierarchy are crucial aspects of any job, and they will make your life SO much easier, I promise

you that! Try to remember what you can, or maybe even take some notes.

2. Set Goals

You want to set some personal goals that you want to achieve during your internship and ask your

supervisor for things to do. You want to start thinking of these goals on your first day, that way by

the end of your internship you can see if you have achieved these goals. If you find that your work is done,

ask for new projects, don’t just sit around doing nothing, the more you do, the better you look!

Setting goals is very important for interns because it ensures you that you can gain the skills employers are

looking for when looking for a full time job.

3. Ask Questions!!!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You are a newbie! You are not going to know everything! I promise

you the boss would rather you ask him/her questions, rather than doing something wrong! You will not

get scolded for asking too many questions. I know it can be intimidating to ask a question to the boss or

even a co-worker, but they are here to help you, not belittle you.

4. Be Professional

Always keep a professional image and ALWAYS, ( and I mean this), ALWAYS AVOID GOSSIP! You don’t ever

want to be know as the “girl who gossips.” Keep a positive and professional image when you are in the office, at all times!

5. Meet New People

You may only work directly with a supervisor and a few other interns, but that depends on the internship.

Just because you are only working with those people, don’t ever let that stop you from meeting other people

in the office. Don’t just stay quiet at your desk all day long, get up and introduce yourself to lots of people

in the office. Learn their names and roles, and form relationships with them.

6. Know the Dress Code!

I know you always want to “dress to impress”, but sometimes you have to make sure you know what the dress

code is before you walk into the internship. Sometimes the business could be more casual and laid back, and others

could be very professionally dressed. I know all you ladies want to wear those cute red pumps and that cute black

dress, but sometimes, depending on the business, it could be too much. All you have to do is either ask you boss

what to wear, or research!

7. Bring a Notebook

On your first day you usually are just getting the run down of the place and how they operate. Your boss

will most likely be explaining the ins and outs of your work place and what you will be doing for the rest of your time

at the office. You always want to write down everything you can! You cannot always remember everything, (believe me,

I tried, doesn’t work) you will most likely forget the first thing you heard for that day. Just come prepared with a notebook

and a pen and stay organized!

8. Be Enthusiastic!

I know you are nervous because it’s your first day at a new place, but you must stay positive and show interest!

Show your motivation by asking to be included in meetings or asking people to show you how things are done.

No one likes a Debbie Downer! (Not even Debbie)

9. Be on Time! (or Even Early!!)

One thing you never want to do on your first day at an internship is be late! That is a BIG no no!

Try to be early! Early is on time, and on time is late. That is my motto. Being early looks like you are eager

to be there and are ready to get started!

10. Be Yourself

If there is one person to be in life, it is yourself. No one wants to see you act like a different person.

Always be yourself and everyone will like you just the way you are.

Brittany Barrale

Brittany Barrale

Brittany is a Marketing intern at Student Working Professionals. She attends Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ to study Advertising. Brittany has a passion for learning new things and working hard. Her favorite quote is “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.