Outsourced Accounting

No more waiting weeks for data, DAI digital accounting services are designed to offer clients trusted, reliable and accurate solutions that save time, money and resources. Our proven system uses technology to provide owners and decision makers with the competitive advantage linked to having better information. Our state-of-the-art digital secure processes and well-designed procedures allow for quicker user support and a thorough quality control review system to ensure data accuracy.

Consulting and Guidance

Having financial data is only one piece of digital accounting; understanding and using it is another. Whether you are just beginning the digital transition, fully integrated or looking for CFO-level advice, DAI offers businesses the tools needed to manage in real-time and plan for the future. We review internal systems and develop a digital, organization-specific conversion plan. More than just numbers, DAI provides complete data analytics for a more comprehensive approach to help clients exceed their business goals.

Education and Training

For many DAI clients, this is the first transition from pre-digital, paper-based “book”keeping to a digital system. We are here to help and work hand-in-hand through the change. A systematic detailed process to sync all the various components together can make all the difference in a successful conversion. In addition to the “copyrighted” training and standardized certification program for DAI Digital Accountants, we provide on-going access to in house and real time online training platforms.

Payroll Services

DAI provides complete payroll services specifically designed for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Clients have the choice of options, including a full line of reports to manage their business. DAI assists with paychecks as well as direct deposits and tax filing, including federal, state and year-end requirements. The streamlined enrollment process is seamless and interruption free for both employers and employees. The result – a fully integrated digital accounting system.