About Us

Digital Accounting Institute (DAI) provides digital accounting, payroll system consulting and training services designed for small businesses and non-profit organizations. With the use of the latest in advanced custom technology, we help manage real-time accounting through improved system structure and timesaving business operations. For those who still do “book”keeping, DAI Certified Digital Accountants bridge the gap in service and knowledge, providing optimal data analytics stakeholders need most. No more clutter or overflowing filing cabinets. Instead its information at one’s fingertips, taking “going green” to another level.

The DAI Advantage

  • Lower operating costs with industry secure paperless data capture and virtual meetings
  • Timely access to better information for more effective decision-making
  • Custom, well-designed business processes for competitive cost saving advantage
  • Financial guidance vs. document reporting for comprehensive data analytics
  • Advanced level accounting detail by experienced employees at a lower cost
  • In house and real time online platforms for employee training
  • Valuable professional advice to provide a business-specific road map to achieve goals
  • Concise information transfer to CPAs and other professionals for easy and timely tax filings
It's What We DO.

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